What is Habit & Space?
This is an interview blog that focuses on the work/life balance, writing habits, and workspaces of contemporary writers.

Who are you?
This site is run by writer Lindsay Tigue.

Why did you start this blog?
I'm a writer myself and I am fascinated by the writing habits and routines of other writers. Creative practices are personal and individual, as are the ways we fit creativity within the other demands of our lives. I've learned a lot from hearing about other writers' lives and routines. I am particularly interested in the writing lives and routines of women and nonbinary writers, as well as the systemic problems that make achieving "balance" even more difficult.

Are you looking for more writers to feature? How do I contact you?
Yes, drop me a line! This is a one-person show and I can't promise to feature you, but I am interested to hear from you. Email: info (at) habitandspace (dot) com.

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